An Appreciation of Fine Fragrance

What our founder, Jo Malone, created, and the tradition that we continue today, are fragrances structured in an elegantly simple way. The scents stand on their own merits, embodying a few ingredients of the very highest quality, often reminiscent of a fragrant garden in an English countryside. Our founder, Jo Malone, created many of our most popular fragrances and our creative studio is building on her formidable legacy by continuing to create scents of stunning simplicity and the highest quality.
This is the story of modern fragrance. This is the story of Jo Maloneā„¢ fragrance.
Citrus Fragrances
Fruity Fragrances
Light Floral Fragrances
From the first spritz, the crisp, zesty character of citrus scents has instant uplifting appeal, making them easy and versatile to wear. Fragrances in this family sparkle with lime, lemon, orange, grapefruit and mandarin, their luminous clarity given unusual twists with the addition of crushed herbs, white florals, mosses and woods.
Fruity fragrances burst with mouth-watering juiciness. Just-ripe pears and succulent peaches, warmed by the sun, give colognes a youthful, fresh sweetness. While darker fruits such as raspberries, blackberries and the jewel-bright pomegranate are used in deeper, more sensual scents. Mixed with transparent florals and dashes of spice, they are delectable cocktails, tempting in nature.
This light, floral family gathers together armfuls of the world's most enchanting flowers, celebrates their romanticism, then gives them an unexpected twist. A profusion of pretty and powdery blossoms are cooled with crisp, aromatic herbs, while dashes of citrus or green notes give velvety blooms a fresh transparency.
Floral Fragrances
Spicy Fragrances
Woody Fragrances
These rich, full-bodied florals are the essence of high summer - opulent notes such as gardenia, white lilac, water lily and blue agava. In these fragrances, the potent, heady quality of the blooms is counterpoised with fresh fruits and unusual notes such as cardamom, cacao bean and myrrh.
The spicy fragrances are rich and enigmatic, loved by men and women alike. They derive their distinctive twist from spices such as star anise, nutmeg and clove, their heat from ginger and a hypnotic smokiness from amber and temple incense... even an aromatic rush from the perfect roasted coffee bean.
The woody fragrance family celebrates notes such as vetiver and cedarwood that are rich, refined and timeless. When suffused with an eclectic mix of fruits and flowers, they take on intriguing, individualistic characters. The lusciousness of fresh figs, the zestiness of lime leaf and the calming essences of lavender and Mediterranean pine, wrap and wreathe the woods with seductive olfactory accents.