Christmas games, Delevingne-style

Christmas for Poppy is about getting all of her ‘mad, kooky family’ together in one place – 'That's the key ingredient.' But, it’s not the only one. Other essentials include Pomegranate Noir Deluxe Candles (lots of them), cheese (an endless supply), long walks, late nights, early mornings, onesies and everyone sharing beds. What isn’t in the mix is dogs – the Delevingnes ‘don’t do dogs.’ They do, however, do games…
‘Me and my lot are children at heart.’ And so at Christmas, when it’s bitingly cold outside, you’ll find Poppy and co, doing a merry dance on the family Twister mat.
In the Delevingne household charades is taken ‘very seriously’, with sessions having been known to last up to six hours. That’s quite some stint, but when Poppy is dishing out corkers such as, ‘The Man that Walked Up a Hill and Came Down the Mountain’ and ‘Minions’, is it any wonder that the game can go on and on (and on)? ‘By hour five our acting skills get quite sloppy,’ she admits.
Or, as Poppy calls it, ‘Liar-dice,’ because ‘it’s all about bluffing.’ A skill her husband James is a pro at – he wins every time her family manages to rope him into playing. Not that he joins in often, because ‘he is fiercely annoying and hates playing any of these games.’ Still, he does enjoy the winning – even if Poppy puts a bowl on his head when he does (apparently it’s a Delevingne thing). 
‘Always take provisions, like crackers or a mini bottle of wine,’ Poppy advises when it comes to playing Sardines. Because, as she says, you never know how long you’re going to be in that cupboard or hidden under the stairs. And while you’re there, there’s a whole heap of other things you can get up to, other than eating and drinking, like ‘sleeping, making phone calls or doing a crossword.’ The options are endless really, but there is one family rule – you must always be wearing an animal onesie!


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