If you are looking for the perfect enticing blend of sweet, juicy and unconditionally inviting, look no further than our selection of beautifully crafted fruity fragrances. Their luscious fruity scents simply delights the senses, bursting with a mouth-watering juiciness and delectable sweetness. Ranging from delightfully playful or vibrant and spicy, there is a scent for everyone - each wrapped with sumptuous texture. Indulge in a fruity diffuser to effortlessly  add an enveloping scent to any space or a fruity candle to uplift, wind down, or simply add an air of luxury. Our fruity perfumes transform the atmosphere with vibrancy and freshness.

image of pears, an ingredient in english pear & freesia a fruity perfume, growing on a tree
image of three people peeking through a pear tree

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