A Conversation In Time

A new Podcast series in collaboration with British GQ

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A new Podcast series in collaboration with British GQ

Our mission is to shine a light on mental health. A Conversation In Time, a new six-part podcast series in collaboration with British GQ discusses mental health and general well-being. It navigates mental health through personal conversations about life, identity and experience, while looking at the pressures of stereotypes.

Talking about mental health can be one of the most positive things to do, to help ourselves as well as others. With this in mind, each episode features two people in conversation. Notable people from music, sport, literature and beyond who have chosen to tell their stories and share their experiences- embarking on open and honest conversations with a person of their choice, taking listeners on a journey of reflection and resilience, not only to educate but to inspire.

▶ Episode 1: Kai Isaiah Jamal x Jasmine Mans

Available from August 11th

Kai Isaiah Jamal is a poet, model and visibility activist who is at the forefront of conversations about gender and trans activism.
Kai Isaiah Jamal’s chosen guest to be in conversation with is Jasmine Mans, a spoken word poet, artist and author of “Black Girl, Call Home” a poetry collection about race, feminism and identity. In this episode they discuss how they keep their mental health in check, along with the methods they use to create space for themselves in an ever-changing world.

▶ Episode 2: Adam Gemili x Andrew Pozzi

Available from August 18th

Adam Gemili is a British sprinter who has represented his country at the World Championships, European and Commonwealth games. He most recently represented Team GB in the Tokyo Olympics.
Adam Gemili’s chosen guest to be in conversation with is fellow Olympian and British athlete sprint hurdler Andrew Pozzi, who also competed at the Tokyo Olympics.
In this episode they discuss how sport has played such a huge part in their life and how important it is to invest in mental health support when dealing with injury.

▶ Episode 3: Kamille x MNEK

Available from September 1st

In this episode two guests discuss diversity in the music industry and how music has impacted their mental health.

▶ Episode 4: Rt Hon Stuart Lawrence x Guvna B

Available from September 15th

Author, motivational and public speaker the Rt Hon Stuart Lawrence is the younger brother of the late Stephen Lawrence.
The Rt Hon Stuart Lawrence’s chosen guest to be in conversation with is rapper, author and broadcaster Guvna B.
In this episode they discuss identity within the black community and how their vision of parenting has changed.

▶ Episode 5: James Massiah x Matt Rodwell

Available from September 29th

James Massiah is a celebrated poet, spoken word artist and musician. He has performed in the Houses of Parliament and for the British monarchy.
James Massiah’s chosen guest to be in conversation with is Matt Rodwell, a male model and fitness expert who recently opened his own gym Arc Athletics Club.
In this episode they discuss the impact of mental health issues and how writing and fitness have seen both of them move forward in a positive way.

▶ Episode 6: Rupert Whitaker x JJ Bola

Available from October 10th

Rupert Whitaker is co-founder of the Terrence Higgins Trust and founder of the Tuke Institute, where he has worked for over 40 years in the field of medicine and science with a keen focus on empowering individuals to care for their own health.
Rupert Whitaker’s chosen guest to be in conversation with is JJ Bola, poet and author of “Mask Off” a nonfiction book redefining masculinity amongst young people.
In this episode they discuss stereotypes and comparisons within masculinity and how this has impacted their life past and present.

Shining A Light On Mental Health