Rising Star

Discover the magic of the bewitching water blossom

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Rising Star

As the moon rises, a miraculous secret lies hidden beneath the water. Every night, the lotus flower, its roots entrenched in the water bed, retreats beneath the surface. When the morning comes around again, it rises up like a river nymph, clean, bright and pristine, to gently unfurl its petals one by one. Blooming in the lushness of crystalline waters. Honoured in many parts of the world for its loveliness, the behaviour of this gracious flower is said to mirror the journey that life can take, offering its own wisdom on the ups and downs that form its inevitable path.

This mysterious, ancient muse has bewitched the hearts and minds of all those who have observed its graceful conduct over the course of thousands of years. Held sacred, it has come to symbolise peace, purity and the nature of rebirth in many cultures and spiritual practices, emerging from the most unlikely beginnings, determined and pure in its endless capacity to find a way through the darkness. The epitome of hope, its seeds can survive without water for more than 1,000 years, but spring to life when planted once more.

Almost all parts of the lotus are edible. The stems are a staple in many Asian dishes, while the leaves are sometimes used to encase sticky rice, and the petals, when dried, make a delicate, fragrant tea. For more than 3,000 years, the seeds of the lotus have been consumed to supposedly boost immunity and support the heart, as part of traditional Chinese medicine. Delicious and remedial, this elegant water goddess brings beauty and charm to all she touches, even having a purifying effect on the water she resides in.

At Jo Malone London, we have paired the scent of the delicate and graceful water-splashed petals of the lotus-flower with the plump and juicy fig – a marriage that evokes the romance and wonder of the ancient Hanging Gardens. Miraculous and luscious, this is a moment in time epitomised by two of nature’s greatest achievements.

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