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Expressions Of Tradition

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Expressions Of Tradition
Artist Erika Kobayashi recalls sentimental memories of White Day, told in partnership with Frieze

Creative individuals have the power to amplify the ways in which we discover the varied, colourful expressions of tradition that form festivities around the world. In the second instalment of this series – told in partnership with global art platform Frieze- writer and visual artist Erika Kobayashi recalls hr experience of White Day in her formative years growing up in Tokyo, and how that influences the way she approaches the annual celebrations today.

Erika Kobayashi is a Japanese novelist and visual artist, who lives and works in Tokyo. Her work is inspired by things considered ‘invisible to the eye’: time and history, family and memory, and the traces left in physical places and spaces.

Erika was awarded the 7th Tekken Heterotopia Literary Prize in 2020 for her novel Trinity, Trinity, Trinity. Translated by Brian Bergstrom and published by Astra House in 2022, it is her first novel to be published in English.

As a visual artist Erika has presented installations both in Japan and internationally, where viewers can experience various scenes from her writings. In this creative environment, elements of fiction and documentary drift between personal narrative and social reality.

Discover Erika’s story and how she celebrates White Day, from traditions old to new in her gifting film in partnership with Frieze.

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