Wild Beauty

A Bluebell Adoration

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Wild Beauty

A dewy and delicate light floral scent. we wanted our Wild Bluebell Cologne to capture the flowers’ fresh, earthy sweetness, layered with a delicate dewiness, and to summon that mood of spring whatever the season. The British love of bluebells is a romance that will last for lifetimes to come. From mid-April, something wondrous begins to happen in the depths of English woodlands. Lured up towards the sun by song, bluebells come to life. Spilling out beneath the trees like a royal-blue carpet, they are the promise of spring fulfilled – a magical reawakening that never fails to cast a spell over you. It is this fleeting appearance of floral hope that was the inspiration behind our Wild Bluebell scent.

How to layer
Forget flora and fauna, we’re ardent advocates of flora and flora. Try pairing with the English Pear & Freesia Hair Mist for an all-over scent that is at once fresh, luscious and dewy with wild flowers.

Tasting Notes

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