A Windswept Scent

The joy of Wood Sage & Sea Salt

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A Windswept Scent

Escape the everyday along the windswept shore. Waves breaking white, the air fresh with sea salt and spray. Alive with the mineral scent of the rugged cliffs. Mingling with the woody earthiness of sage. Wood Sage & Sea Salt is our lively, spirited and totally joyful scent. Sea salt is nature’s act of genius, an unexpected ingredient for a cologne which we couldn’t appreciate more. An asset so precious, so essential to life that we wouldn’t survive without it. Salt is a powerful multitasker. In sea water, its alleged healing capabilities are countless – soothing our aching muscles, flushing out toxins and treating skin conditions. Used to preserve and flavour our food. This may sound like a love letter to the marine mineral – and it is, for it’s here to bring out the best of everything it comes into contact with, in our instance Wood Sage & Sea Salt works with the woodland plant to balance, to compliment, to zoom things into sharp focus. A pretty magnanimous act for the hero of the sea.

How to Layer
Invoking the invigorating freshness of the sea, this scent is for anyone in need of an injection of joy. Spray liberally and revel in its sense of free- spiritedness. Layer with Myrrh & Tonka Cologne Intense to add warmth, decadently wrapping the crisp, freshness of sea salt in the warmth of tonka bean.

Tasting Notes

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