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Although she would never admit it, Alessandra Steinherr can be held responsible for putting beauty editors on the map. With a trophy cabinet fit to burst and a passion for speaking honestly and directly to her followers via social media, who is more worthy to offer up tips on Fragrance Combining™ than she? A self-confessed Red Roses devotee, the Associate Creative and Beauty Director of British Glamour magazine shares her pointers on application and the secret to long-lasting scent.

Relax. ‘There’s no need to fear Fragrance Combining™ because there is no right or wrong with it,’ she explains. After all, everyone’s sense of smell is different. It’s what works for you. ‘I like to spray a floral at the top then something deeper at the bottom, so I’ll combine Jo Malone London’s Pomegranate Noir and Red Roses.’

Apply like a pro. ‘I always spray one fragrance on my wrists and clothing, and something different on my hair; I love it when you move your head and get a whoosh of another scent,’ Alessandra explains. ‘For my hair, I opt for something light. Orange Blossom Cologne is a favourite – it’s my finishing touch. I have my base fragrance and then I add an extra spritz on my hair just before I go out.’


Scent can be your secret
weapon; it can give you a
boost and help get you in
the right frame of mind

Be house-proud. ‘I love playing with scent in my home. For my kitchen, I like to stick to recipe-style ingredients that are quite herbaceous and so I would use Lime Basil & Mandarin Home Candles. I like that freshness in a kitchen,’ she says. ‘The bathroom is always Red Roses. The fragrance carries through to the bedroom but I change it up slightly with Red Roses Scent Surround™ Room Spray. When it comes to my living room, my scent of choice depends on the season – for winter, it’s always Pomegranate Noir. What amazes me is that it might sound like a lot of scent combinations but they all blend so well together. There’s still a subtlety to a Jo Malone London fragrance.’

Say it with scent. ‘Scent can be your secret weapon; it can give you a boost and help get you in the right frame of mind. I treat fragrance as an extension of my wardrobe. Each day I’ll work out what I want from my fragrance. Do I want to feel relaxed? Empowered? Or sexy? And I’ll match my scent accordingly. But I’m someone who keeps spritzing throughout the day, so I often end up with a very different fragrance by nighttime. I find it helps “re-set” me.’

Set the scene. ‘The staying power of a scent starts with your skin. Dry skin may not hold fragrance in the same way. Your skin needs to be hydrated to help lock in fragrance,’ Alessandra explains. ‘So I love using Red Roses Body Crème and then the fragrance on top especially when I’m going to dinner with my boyfriend, as I know it will help the scent to last.’

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