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Summers are for BBQs, picnics and garden parties, while the dinner party reigns supreme in winter. There’s something about the drop in temperature and atmospheric, inky evenings that has us craving candlelight and conversation over hearty meals. Make-up artist and beauty expert Gucci Westman included. In fact, when it comes to winter evenings, Gucci is happiest hosting her nearest and dearest. Unfortunately, her dream dinner-party guests the Obamas couldn’t make it on this occasion. But Gucci is content catching up on news and reminiscing with her creative clan – a mixture of family (her brothers Aron and Nik) and arty friends including fashion stylist Sean Spellman. ‘When it comes to dinner parties all you need is good lighting, good food, friends and champagne!’

With a career carved out of making the beautiful, well… even more beautiful, Gucci is unsurprisingly all about the details, with an acute eye for style. Possessing an envy-inducing ability to transform any simple setting into something spectacular. Cue a table brimming with floral arrangements in shades of fuchsia.

‘Flowers can elevate any space, particularly when you mix in candlelight,’ she says. Gucci’s candles of choice: Pomegranate Noir and Lime Basil & Mandarin for a warm and sensual scent. ‘What’s really nice is using mismatched glassware and crockery. It makes the occasion memorable, and everyone looks forward to seeing their place setting.’

Gucci says her favourite tipple Billecart-Salmon Brut Rosé is a must to put her in the party spirit and is always her choice for a welcome drink. When it comes to what to serve, Gucci likes to keep it simple –  her almond sumac roasted salmon is the perfect fit. But for dessert, Gucci is all about indulgence, serving up plentiful family- style home bakes, believing it makes the evening more relaxed and gives everyone permission to help themselves to seconds. With a freshly baked chocolate cake on the menu, don’t mind if we do.

For pre-party prep, Gucci likes to indulge with a pre-bath Vitamin E Treatment Body Scrub. ‘It’s my favourite; I feel slightly depressed when I run out of it as it’s so luxurious.’ The finishing touch? A spritz of Lime Basil & Mandarin Cologne. ‘I like it because it’s non-committal – not too heavy or heady, it just lingers pleasantly.’ Just like her dinner-party music of choice. She advises opting for something mellow that disappears into the background – think Frank Sinatra or Bing Crosby – until it’s time to get people dancing, of course, when Jay-Z and Kanye are a safe bet. 

Gucci’s ultimate dinner-party tip? ‘Less is more. Fewer dishes that are really well- thought-out and simple are always well received. Don’t try too hard to impress. After all, why shouldn’t the host be able to enjoy themselves, too?’

There’s something about…


inky evenings that has us

craving candlelight and

conversation over 

hearty meals.

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