We Dare You Not To Dance

No one gets a party started like The Postmen – They DJ’ed at Jo Malone London’s Talk of the Townhouse launch party and had Poppy Delevingne and Karen Elson glued to the dance floor. The musical duo, Milo Astaire and Preston Thompson, met at nursery school and have remained best friends ever since. Partnering up as The Postmen, they can count actor Owen Wilson among their fans- he even Shazammed their set at a gig the other week. They’ve played all the big venues, from Brixton Academy to KOKO and just about every festival going (Glatonbury, Leeds and Wilderness to name a few), so who better than the boys to share their playlist, with tracks that are guaranteed to get you moving.  

• For the Welcome: The Look by Metronomy
‘It’s scientifically proven that if this track doesn’t get your feet twitching, you’re officially a bad vibe,’ The Postmen claim. You have been warned. The Look has all the attributes you need to kick the party off – upbeat with a good tempo, hinting that a full-blown dance battle is going down in due course.

• For when things are starting to pick up: Rapture by Blondie
‘We could have picked four or five songs from the goddess that is Blondie but this one takes it by a whisker,’ explain Milo and Preston. A whole song about the magic of dancing… there’s no better choice for peak cork-popping time, and no better ambience setter than an Incense & Embers Home Candle.

• For when things are in full swing: Who’s That Girl? by Eve
As the guys explain: ‘It’s an early dancefloor filler. You can’t go wrong. After all, who doesn’t like a bit of Eve?’ It’s got the perfect level of sass and attitude to convince even the shyest dancer that they can shake it like Beyoncé.

• For when you just don’t want the party to stop: With A Little Bit Of Luck by DJ Luck and MC Neat
‘When we started out, we were strictly dubstep,’ the duo explain. This track takes them back to their early days, DJing with a strong garage vibe for family and friends’ parties. ‘We’re playing it for those who’ve been naughty rather than nice this year.’ When you think the evening’s over, pop this on and watch as the guests are instantly reinvigorated.

• For the wind down: Priestess by Pumarosa
When things are starting to come to an end, the haunting voice of lead singer Isabel Munoz-Newsome is your go-to. ‘It’s as close to the perfect build as you could ever wish for,’ the duo say. ‘It’s like a beautiful love-child of your favourite rock song and the ultimate house song.’ A bit like our Basil & Neroli Cologne, classic with an unexpected twist. 

And for the finale? Wham! Last Christmas. No explanation needed.


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