Candles vs Diffusers

How to decide between our scented favourites

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Candles vs Diffusers

There’s nothing quite like walking into a room that’s filled with a welcoming scent; it’s like being greeted by a familiar hug and a cup of tea. But when it comes to deciding whether to scent with candles or a diffuser, how could you make us choose? It’s like asking us to pick a favourite child – both have their unique charms and benefits. So instead, we’re looking at why candles and diffusers make a great addition to any room, leaving the ultimate (and difficult) task of choosing down to you.

Why a candle makes a great choice

We challenge you to suggest a more welcoming scene than a room lit by twinkling candlelight, an instant atmosphere created by the gentle hue and flickering shadows cast by the flame. An instant ambience is set with candles, be it a special occasion marked out by a series of different-sized candles on a mantlepiece, Travel Candles placed alongside fresh flowers for an intimate dinner party, or a bath lit by the low light of your favourite scented Home Candle after a long day. Dare we say it, a diffuser in these scenarios doesn’t quite cut it; when all you want to do is settle in and get cosy, a candle feels like a preferable partner.

There’s something meditative about the ritual of lighting a candle. It feels like you’re carving out time just for you, creating a moment or embarking on a valuable hour or two of self-care. With the burn into brightness, and release of scent, there is instant impact that can make even the most mundane situation feel special. And why not? There really is a candle for every room and occasion. You just need a little extra know-how to get the most out of your candles light after light.

Why a diffuser makes a great choice

While candles can offer the ‘wow’ moment, the diffuser is your constant, reliable best friend – a calming, steady presence that is always there. One of its winning traits is its enduring company; always emitting scent, rather than needing to be turned on, it can be left unattended to work in the background, quietly scenting your space flame-free.

With diffusers the placement possibilities are endless: they add a stylish touch in

small spaces on shelves, coffee tables and window ledges, while also being beautifully functional. Setting up a diffuser is beyond simple, too – place all 10 reeds in your diffuser at once and fill your chosen room with a wonderfully welcoming scent.

The Townhouse Diffusers are also refillable, which lends the stylish designs real staying power.

Matching scent to rooms
While we may find it tough to pick between candles and diffusers, we do have some recommendations when it comes to finding the right scent for every room.

The kitchen is a place where everyone seems to gather, but it’s tricky as it requires a scent that works with cooking aromas. We find that opting for a fragrance that includes otherwise ‘edible’ ingredients has real benefits; a Green Tomato Vine Townhouse Candle or a Lime Basil & Mandarin Diffuser are strong contenders.

Living rooms
A space used to welcome guests, but also to fully relax and unwind when no one is visiting, requires a special touch. It’s about balancing the ‘wow’ with comforting cosiness. A Pomegranate Noir Diffuser hits this brief, as does a Myrrh & Tonka Cologne Intense Home Candle bringing the warm, lush notes of tonka bean to the room.

When it comes to bathroom scents there are two schools of thought. For a space you want to feel fresh and tranquil, a well-placed diffuser emits an always-on scent, which is perfect. Try a Red Roses Diffuser – it’s like having a fresh bouquet without the need to buy flowers constantly. But, when you need a minute to yourself and only a bath will do, nothing beats a candle. And it doesn’t get much more special than an English Pear & Freesia Home Candle.

Often seen as the haven from the world, we encourage you to consider tranquil and serene fragrances for bedroom scenting. Lavender is often our go-to; a Lilac Lavender & Lovage Townhouse Diffuser or a Lavender & Moonflower Home Candle make perfect scents to promote a relaxing atmosphere.

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