How to care for your hands

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How To Care For Your Hands

You’ve quite rightly upped your hand washing regime with regular intervals of twenty second hand washes and religious application of sanitation gels, but with all these extra essential measures your hands are likely to be feeling the effects. Our saviour to keeping skin hydrated and conditioned is Vitamin E Hand Treatment, with a hint of pomelo and cassis to leave skin subtly scented. Resurrect supple and soft hands with a few tips, because your hands probably need a little kindness right now.

Preparation is key
It all starts with a good base. After washing hands rather than rubbing them dry, which could cause further irritation, gently pat them dry and have Vitamin E Hand Treatment nearby to lock in hydration.

A little goes a long way.
The more you massage and rub hand cream the further it goes as it warms on your skin. Apply a pea sized amount to the back of your hands and begin by working it into the skin in circular movements with the backs of your hands, before focusing on your palms.

Make it a ritual
Massage your fingers, paying close attention to cuticles and nail beds adding more cream should you need to for these delicate areas. Make it an excuse for a little deserved me time and softly push the pressure points between your first finger and thumb in circular movements. For reflexologists claim that this may reduce stress. And who wouldn’t benefit from a minute of calm right about now.

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